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What jobs are you hiring for?

We are always hiring D-Licensed Security Guards, Corporate Event Security Guards, Housekeepers, Janitors, and Banquet Staff. More industries coming soon!


Do you ever offer full-time positions?

Work Frog does not offer full-time positions. This service is more of an “extra-work” solution for you to work a temporary assignment on your time off. All positions posted are temporary assignments set on a specific date and time. Once you complete the job, you could always apply for another job that is available and that fits your requirements.


How does Work Frog benefit me?

Work Frog serves as that extra cash you need on top of your current income to help you pay bills or to spend as you please. Work Frog also benefits you by allowing you to work on days that you are available to work on. You could use Work Frog to work for different employers, and to gain experience in different industries which will allow you to network with other companies and enhance your professional profile for better job opportunities in the future.


What is the pay?

The pay varies based on the job, the event and the employer that posts the job. Pay rates range anywhere from $8.25/hr - $17.00/hr. You are able to view this information by clicking on the posted job and viewing the details.


How soon will I begin working?

The faster you fill out your onboarding paperwork and complete your drug test (if applicable), the faster your account will be approved and you could begin searching for work!


What if I cannot attend a shift I signed up for?

We do not encourage this as a frequent occurrence as it will affect your rating and ability to get hired. If you happen to have an emergency, please notify the employer as soon as possible. Repeated no-shows could result in disqualification for future employment. Or you could simply log onto your Work Frog account and cancel the job.


How many hours can I work?

You are allowed to work a maximum of 40 hours per week through Work Frog.


How do I know if I’ve been hired?

After you apply for a job, the job poster will review all applicants and select which applicant they want to hire for that position. If you have been hired, you will receive an email notification. You may also log onto your Work Frog account and click on “Accepted Jobs” to view the jobs you have been hired for.


Where are the jobs located?

The job locations vary based on the employer and the job that has been posted. All job locations vary between Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties.


Does Work Frog offer overtime hours?

Work Frog does not offer overtime hours. The maximum number of hours that you could complete through Work Frog is 40 hours per week.


Does Work Frog provide uniform?

No. Work Frog does not provide uniform. The job descriptions would usually describe the attire that is required for the position. If uniform is required, the employer would usually provide it to you at the job site. For more information, please contact the job poster.


How are my hours documented?

Once you arrive to the job site, the employer will clock you in once you start, and clock you out once you finish the assignment. Your hours are then processed, and you will receive payment the following Friday.


Who will I be working for?

Work Frog will be considered your employer in the sense that we will be paying you for the jobs completed, but you will be working under the supervision and orders of the job poster and site supervisor.


Do I have to have to fill out extra paperwork when I arrive at the job location?

No. The only paperwork you will be completing would be during the sign up/onboarding process when you initially create your account with Work Frog. Once you complete the paperwork and get approved, you are ready to work immediately! No additional paperwork is needed.


I have a Temporary D-License, can I still work for Work Frog?

Work Frog cannot accept Security Guards with Temporary D-Licenses. If this is your case, please do not feel discouraged. You could always consider Work Frog for future employment once you get your active D-License.



When do I get paid?

Work Frog pays weekly on Fridays, directly to the bank account that you provided during your onboarding process. Our cutoff is each Sunday, so if you work between Monday and Sunday you will get paid the following Friday.


What if I did not receive the correct payment?

Simply contact our administrator through your sign-in screen and we will promptly investigate your hours worked and communicate directly with you.


I worked 4 hours but I received a message that states I worked 3:55, Will I get paid correctly?

Yes. All hours that you work are automatically rounded up by 15-minute increments. Please view the following examples:

  • If you work between 4:01 – 4:15 hours, you will get paid 4:15 hours

  • If you work between 4:16 – 4:30 hours, you will get paid 4:30 hours

  • If you work between 4:31 – 4:45 hours, you will get paid 4:45 hours

  • If you work between 4:46 – 5:00 hours, you will get paid 5:00 hours

  If you need any further clarification, you may always contact the Work Frog team to assist you.


I need to change my direct deposit information. What do I do?

You may contact the Work Frog team for assistance on how to change your direct deposit information.


What are your payment methods?

Work Frog processes your payment via direct deposit into your bank account that you provide during your initial sign up process. We also offer a debit card direct deposit service to you at no extra charge.


Why did I receive a different payment amount?

Once you have completed a shift, you receive an email with the total amount that you will be paid for the shift. The total amount shown in the email notification is the gross amount before taxes. When payroll is processed, taxes are removed from your pay, hence the difference in the payment amount. If you need clarification, please contact Work Frog customer support.


Sign Up Process

How do I apply?

It’s simple! Sign up and create your Work Frog account either online or via the mobile app. Be sure to complete the full employment application during the sign up process. When finished, our Work Frog team will contact you to prescreen you and schedule a drug test (if applicable).


How do I get approved?

After you have signed up, completed the employment application, and completed the drug test (if applicable), your account will then be approved by a Work Frog representative, pending the results of a background check.


What if I was not approved?

Perhaps you did not complete your paperwork, you are pending to complete the drug test, or you did not meet the qualifications for Work Frog. You may call our office or send us a quick email for further clarification.


How much experience do I need to qualify for Work Frog?

Work Frog does not require a set amount of experience. As long as you have some experience for the job you are applying for, and you have the ability to complete the competencies of the job, you will be qualified for Work Frog.


What are the requirements to apply for Work Frog?

You must be at least 18 years of age or older, eligible to work in the United States, submit to a background check, and have experience in the position you are applying for. All Security Guards must also hold an active D-License with the State of Florida, and must submit to a drug test.


Why did I get a bad rating?

We ask each employer to rate you based on your performance. If you feel you got a negative rating and would like to dispute it, please contact the administrator through your sign-in screen and we will properly investigate your case.


How do I get a good rating?

Ratings are provided by the employers after a job has been completed. To get a good rating, be sure that you arrive to the job on time, follow supervisor orders and perform your duties to the best of your abilities. Having a good attitude, being punctual and bringing the proper attire to the job also helps your rating.


Why are ratings important?

Your ratings on your Work Frog account reflect the kind of performance you complete on the job. The higher your ratings, the greater the chance you will be selected to work another job.


Work Frog Support

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday from 8:00AM – 5:00PM. You may always reach us afterhours by contacting us through your sign-in screen, or sending us a quick email to


What if I forget my login information?

Your username will always be the email address that you used to register your Work Frog account. If you happen to forget your password, simply click on “Forgot Password” and enter your email address associated with your Work Frog account. An email will then be sent to you with a link to reset your password.


I signed up on Work Frog, but I still cannot log on. What can I do?

This most likely means that your account is still pending approval. If this is the case, please contact the Work Frog team for assistance.



Who will provide the uniforms?

You, as the employer, will be in charge of providing a uniform for the Work Frog employee. If you require certain attire for the employee to bring, you may enter that information in the “job description” field when posting a job.


How much time should I post in advance of the job start time?

We recommend posting the job at least 24 – 48 hours before the job start time to allow sufficient time for candidates to apply to the position.


What locations does Work Frog serve?

Work Frog serves all of South Florida from Homestead to West Palm Beach.


Who cover’s Worker’s Comp and General Liability?

Work Frog covers our employees for Worker’s Comp and General Liability so you don’t have to!


What is the fee for using Work Frog?

Work Frog charges a low all-inclusive fee for using our services. This fee covers recruiting, on-boarding, background checks, drug tests, and our service.


Is there a registration fee?

There is no registration fee. Signing up on Work Frog and posting jobs on Work Frog is completely free!


Who covers payroll?

Work Frog covers payroll and payroll costs so you don’t have to!


Do you have bilingual employees?

Work Frog has a diverse employee work force for you to select from including bilingual employees!


Is it possible to directly hire a Work Frog employee?

Yes. If you use a Work Frog employee and you are considering them for direct hire, you could notify our Work Frog staff and we could transfer the employee to your company for a low one-time fee.


What do you mean by “temporary workers”?

All Work Frog workers shall be used to help your business on a per-diem basis. We do not assign schedules. All shifts that you post on Work Frog would be for one day to get temporary extra help. You could always use the same employee for several days in a row until you have fulfilled your service needs!


How would I benefit by using Work Frog?

By using Work Frog, you avoid the lengthy interview and onboarding process; Avoid costs for recruiting, onboarding, payroll, worker’s comp, and GL; Get qualified applicants to work for you when you need it most!


Are your employees qualified to work for us?

All of the Work Frog employees are pre-screened, interviewed, background checked, drug tested, authorized to work in the U.S., D-Licensed (for Security Guards) and are experienced in their field of work. If this fits your requirements, then yes, all of our employees are qualified to work for your company.

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